Hey team,

Edutronic is back! We’re almost done with the course, our practicals are well under way and the PPes are coming very quickly. Right now the only sensible way to revise is by completing problems and revising what you can’t do. Diagnose the problem!

You have my last post with many many questions in it plus this:


Here is Juan’s topic list:

All Enthalpy changes
Identifying unknown compounds
Atomic radi
Orders of reactions including half lives
General equilibria
Kw(ionic product of water)
Balancing equations
Basic reactions
Empirical formulas
Bond enthalpies and bonding diagrams/ionic
Born habour cycles
Hydration enthalpy
Compromised methods of making ammonia
Equilibrium law
Calculating order of reaction from initial rates
Rate constants (arrhenius equation )
Calculating PH
Oxidation numbers and titration
Transition elements/Oxidation states
Qualitative chemical tests(ion testing)

Trends in periodic table
Redox reactions/water of crystallisation
Titration curves
All organic reactions
Thin layer chromatographic
NMR proton

More organic reaction
Mass spectrometry
Alkene isomerism
Ideal gas law
Free radical substitution
Fridel crafts akylation
Directing groups
Why nitromethylbenzene is more reactive than Benzene
Optical isomers
Nucleophilic substitution