Despite the incessant mocking of Mustafa’s tardiness and the fact I’m pretty sure one of you installed Nicholas Cage gifs on my computer I see our first proper week together as having been a massive success. Huge “welcomes!” to those who are returning and new.

Now, we covered a lot of new facts last week which is impressive in itself. Where the challenge lay though, was working out those mechanisms on your own. I’d like you to work through new mechanisms this week and start to predict the functional group’s new position on the ring.

This week’s broad tasks:

Recall the position names and connect groups and reactions to them
Explain why some reactions are ring deactivating and what effect that has on electrophilic substitution reactions
Deduce the mechanism for a Friedel Crafts Reaction.
Create a map of reactions and mechanisms (with conditions) for all arene chemistry so far

Actually, by the end of the week you’ll be answering these terrifying questions!

Download (PDF, 239KB)

Use the term map for resources and I’ll upload the specific ones lesson by lesson below.

Please see me to catch up this week, we’re moving at quite a pace.

Update on text books: They’re on the way!



This guy is going to make Harrison pretty mad. It’s a nice intro, though.


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