Hey team!

I’ve been getting on with marking those fabulous essays of yours and I’ll be posting them this week with the comments- unless of course you’d rather they weren’t publish here. I feel overwhelmed by how good they are. The research you did was excellent. I’m really proud of you.

Those of you who haven’t quite managed to submit something, please attend catch up tomorrow. We’ll finish them together.

Now, this week’s plan:

We’re preparing for a Module 6 end of Unit exam. A comprehensive set of notes is here:

http://www.knockhardy.org.uk/sci.htm  under “Notes for 2015 specifications”

We need to finish what we started with Esters and crack on with some problems. This week we’ll have do all of these:

Download (PDF, 987KB)

And you folks will be completing any five of these Starters for ten for homework based on what you need to revise from Y12. The work isn’t so hard but by choosing topics you find hard I can make sure those are the topics I hand over to the Wednesday afternoon tutors. Recommend Atom economy for everyone really! Choose from chapters 1-4.


I’ll be choosing some others to start our lessons this week.

Finally, from next week we will resume practical assessments. Please ensure you hand me your practical book at the end of the week.

Looking forward to seeing you,








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