Y12 I require you to drink something fizzy and bring me the bottles. The more the better preferably a 500ml or little bottle so that we can use it for a practical. It must have contained something fizzy. Water/still drink bottles won’t work. You don’t actually have to drink it. Just grab someone else’s bottle if necessary.


Complete the atom economy and yield exam questions.

Click to access 6.6.1.pdf

P2 and P3

Task one:

Mix oxygen and Methane in your bottle using a water trough. Write down how much of each you used.

Task two:

Observe while I detonate our rockets.

Task three:

Measure the distance travelled. Compare this to your bottle compositions.

Task four:

Deduce a way of ensuring the rocket flies furthest using the correct amount of oxygen and methane.

Task five:
Build new rockets
Task Six:

Stand back while I detonate them.

Congratulate the winner!


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