You’ll be given an unknown concentration of Hydrochloric acid. It is between 0.1MOL and 0.4MOL. You need to produce a blogged method for deducing the concentration of the unknown HCl and then diluting it to make exactly 100ml of 0.05MOL HCL. And then you need to do it. I will test the accuracy of the final solution personally. I am excellent at this.

The Rules

  • You must order your all your own equipment through me. Nothing you do not ask for will be supplied.
  • You may not order any base solutions.
  • Any calculations must be included.
  • Any equations must be included
  • All reagents must be ordered and risk assessed
  • You may work together but you must produce the plan individually on your Student Journals
  • You must produce a risk assessment for the whole practical. Include all common titration issues!

The Deadline

You will complete this practical P5 on Friday. You have until then to complete the written work.



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