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Forces revision 

We didn't attempt the forces badges! Let's revise them now.  Use chapter P4 from the additional science turquoise text books (on the floor in front of the first student bench in my lab). Yep- they are GCSE books but you can do this!  Read the first four...

Digestion: Y7 

Find out what each of the organs on this diagram are and what their role (job) is in nutrition and digestion. You should use the correct scientific name and write two sentences about each organ.  If you finish this please head for memrise and work on your...

Year Seven Respiration 

Never underestimate the power of the curious Y7. Click to find examples of student work. Year Seven Respiration Products

DNA Analysis Year Seven Term 2 Week 3

Hey Team!  I bet you're been wondering how all this Cells business fits into our forensics unit. Well I promise it does!  Looks like we have some DNA to analyse.  Tasks today: Upload your Cells and Tissues Project to your student journals. Look up a...

Organelles: Year Seven Term Two Week One Lesson One

Hello Year Seven! Welcome! We're going to be working on our student journals today. Are you excited? Here are today's tasks: You're going to find me a diagram of an animal cell and label it And find me a diagram of a plant cell and label it Then tell me in FULL...

The Truth and Lies Blog

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Through the eyes of the forensic scientist we will learn about how to extract the truth from the world around us. This course will cover practical techniques, analysis of evidence, presenting scientific reports and finish up with some philosophy about the pursuit of truth in our scientific lives. All the usual year seven topics appear, but each one is going to help you solve a crime!

Learning Style

This course requires the ready expression of ideas and for flexibility in ways of presenting work. Sometimes you’ll talk, give a speech present or an write essay. Other times you might complete an experiment. Generally your work will be stored in online journals. We work on our projects for a few weeks at a time and there’ll be lots of opportunity to redraft work until it’s just right. You’ll complete a practical activity at least once a week.

Pace- High

Independence required- Medium

Complexity of reading materials- Low

Class discussion requirements- High



Terms Project Project Description National Curriculum Topics Covered Skills Badges Knowledge Badges
Catch a Thief
Someone has stolen some expensive ICT equipment from one of our LNS computer rooms and we’re going to find the culprit. There’s some DNA and blood evidence, some tyre marks outside the back of school and for some reason a fire broke out and now two of our site staff are feelign poorly with lung damage. We’ll need to make sure we’ve got an excellent grasp of the relevant science before we head out to review the evidence. Additionally, one caretaker was knocked out and we can’t currently tell f it’s a head injury or smoke inhalation. We’ll need to study the lung before we even know what to charge the perpetrator with. Of course there was a theft but what else? Accidental injury or assault with intent?
Raw Data, Line Graph, Bar Chart, Bunsen Burner, Microscope, Establishing Causality
Cells, Diffusion, Amazon, Lung, Gravity, Froce Diagram
Gas Exchange Systems
Forces and Gravity
Track her down
To be revealed!
Particle Model
Distill, Rescrystallise, Analysis, Conclusion
What’s the Matter?, Lung, Respiration, Human Fuel, Engineering
Seperation Techniques
Respiration, Nutirition and Excretion
Material Properties
Innocent until proven guilty
To be revealed!
Hypothesis, Scale, Units, Establishing Causality
Astronaut, Attenborough, Word Equation, Metal
Energy transfer in Biosystems
Chemical Reactions

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